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Safety Fittings

We at Fluidyne specialize in design and manufacture of safety fittings for storage tanks used in various industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and more. All our products that include detonation flame arrestors, flame arrestors, detonation arrestors, flame detonation arrestors are made from superior quality of raw material so that they can withstand the process requirements of fluids. Our range of quality safety fittings, includes flame arrestors - detonation flame arrestors anddeflagration flame arrestors, spark arrestors, emergency & conservation vents, excess-flow-check valves free vents, dipsticks, dip tapes, vent and fill caps and gauge hatch. For Safety Valves and Safety Relief Valves, Breather Valves or Pressure Cum Vacuum Relief Valves and Flame Arrestors pleaserefer to our special sections.

Safety Fittings

Emergency Vents (Model EVV-100& EVV-110)

FLUIDYNE API 2000 Code EMERGENCY VENTS are designed to provide emergency pressure relief for storage tanks when exposed to overpressures that are not handled by standard tank vents. These vents provide the capacity to meet API standard 2000 for emergency venting due to fire exposure when properly sized. These covers also provide quick easy access for tank inspection and maintenance and provide pressure and vacuum relief. Vacuum relief must be achieved by special spring loaded venting devices attachment in such emergency pressure and vacuum relief vent covers. When excessive pressure builds within the storage tank the FLUIDYNE series Emergency Pressure Relief Vent begin to open at a predetermined set pressure relieving excessive pressure. When the overpressure has dissipated the cover reseat onto the base. FLUIDYNE emergency vents are available in several materials that are corrosion resistant to most petroleum product applications. The setting range is from a minimum of 25mm W.C to a maximum of 200mmW.C. for direct-weight loaded and 2000mm WC for deadweight-lever type. Sizes available are 300NB, 350NB, 400NB, 450NB, 500NB and 600NB with flange drilling according to ANSI 150lb or API650 (for higher sizes).

Emergency Vent Valve Deadweight Lever Type (Model EVV-120)

  • Available with Short and Long Lever Option
  • Easy installation and Mounting
  • Ease of Tank Inspection
  • Sizes :10", 16", 20", 24", 30" and 36" 150 as per ANSI B 16.5 flange.
  • Standard Sizes: 20" & 24" sizes as per API 650 flange
  • Set pressure from 50 mm WC to 2000 mm WC
Fluidyne Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover is a safe solution to emergency venting requirements where intermediate pressure settings are required. Fluidyne Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover design employs a tight seal between the pallet and the corrosion resistant seat below set pressure and assures low leakage.When set pressure is reached, the pallet lifts. Flow efficiency rises rapidly to approximately 100% at higher overpressure the flow efficiency. For tank venting or examination, the entire hinged cover can be quickly lifted open offering clear passage and unobstructed opening. Pallet construction permits a wide range of pressure settings. Fluidyne Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover Standard design is available in 10", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30" and 36" sizes. The Standard Mounting Flange is API 650 and 150lb ANSI Flat Face. The body has lifting ears to lift and position the unit (not avialable on 10" and 16" sizes). The 20" and 24" vents can be provided with flat face flanges to fit API 650 Roof Manholes.

Emergency Vent Valve-Spring Loaded Type (Model EVV-200)

  • Sizes 16", 20", AND 24"
  • Pressure Settings 1 - 15 Psig
  • Available In Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, And Other Materials
  • Unique Design - Spring-loaded Cover
Fluidyne Emergency Vent- Tupe Spring Loaded (Model EVV-200) is built of corrosion resistant materialslike Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.It has aself-closing special TEFLON “cushioned” pallet with center stabilizing stem and peripheral guiding provides uniform seating and alignment. Superior performing NEOPRENE, VITON, TEFLON seating diaphragms are standard to minimize sticking caused by resinous vapors and atmospheric moisture. The guides support a spun weather-hood which covers and protects the entire valve structure. As added protection against the entry of foreign matter, a mesh screen encircles the valve under the weather-hood. Buna-N, VITON, and other seating diaphragms can be provided when required.It is designed with independently adjustable springs which load the cover and keep the valve tightly sealed until set pressure is reached.

Free Vents

Fluidyne Free Vents are manufacturedto the highest quality of manufacturing and service standards. Fluidyne Free Vents or tank free vents, also known as conservation vents, are for use on any tank or vessel to prevent the build-up of internal pressure, by allowing atmospheres and vapors to flow easily into the tanks or vessel or into vent pipes. FluidyneCapped Free Vent are installed normally in low-pressure atmospheric storage tanks that contain non-vaporising products like oils. It allows the unrestricted movement of air in and out of the vessel and prevents damage due to over or under pressurisation. The vent must be installed on the tank roof nozzle located at a highest point on the tank and earthing point provided on request.Fluidyne Free Ventscap or hood and screen protects the vent and restricts dust, wind, rain, or insects from entering degrading the product. Fluidyne Free Vents are rugged and do not require maintenance. Fluidyne Free Vents are available with gauge hatch combinations for level and temperature measurements and also for sampling.

Vent Caps, Fill Caps and Dip Caps

Our vents and fill caps are specially designed to hold a constant tank pressure, reducing evaporation loss, contamination intake, over expansion, and contraction of the tank and are safety fittings on vent lines. These caps are generally used for above and below ground storage and tanks holding gasoline or diesel. Additional elements can be mounted on top of the filler cap for specific operational purposes. The construction meets the safety requirements of PESO and Chief Controller of Explosives. Vent Caps are usually 2" and 3" sizes. Standard Dip Caps are 2” size and are used for dip tape or dip rod measurements.

Gauge Hatch

Gauge Hatch
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Made of quality material and components, our gauge hatch is used for controlling evaporation process and for dip measurement or for sampling purpose. Placed on the top of the tank, these hatches can easily be opened by pressing the latch with hand or foot. Our range of Gauge hatch is provided with bleeder attachment that makes it possible to relief pressure before opening the tank.

FLUIDYNE range of gauge hatches allow easy access to atmospheric liquid storage tank for manual level
measurement (dipping), temperature measurement and sampling.

* Robust construction to cope with regular use.
* Range of size and materials to suit a wide range of application.
* Non-sparking feature, provide by the use of Nitrile rubber or PTFE insert.
* The cover is designed with a condensation rim. This encourages liquid drainage    form the surface to reduce the possibility of freezing.
* Lockable handle and gas tight seal to 2.5 psig.

Provides tank access where manual level gauging, temperature measurement or sampling is required the safety pedal allows the operator to open the gauge hatch whilst remaining 'hand free' to carry out required measuring.

MODEL-SIZE-PROCESS CONNECTION-MATERIAL-INSERT e.g. (FGH 100, 4", ANSI 150# Connection, Aluminium Body, Nitrile Insert).

Tank Manway and Manhole Covers

Manway Covers
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FLUIDYNE range of non-sparking low pressure manhole covers provides easy access to low pressure storage tanks.

* Robust construction to cope with regular use.
* Range of size and materials to suit a wide range of application.
* Non-sparking feature, povied by the use of Nitrile rubber or PTFE insert.

Provides tank access for maintenance and cleaning purposes. The manhole is secured by a transverse beam which is attached to the center of the cover. This ensures even distribution of the holding down force to form a gas tight fitting.

* PROCESS CONNECTION : API 650 (20" and 24").
* PRESSURE SETTING : <2.5 psig.

MODEL-SIZE-PROCESS CONNECTION-MATERIAL-INSERT e.g. 100-20-132 (API MH 100, 20",API 650 flange, carbon steel, PTFE insert).

FLUIDYNE provide comprehensive spares support and term preventative maintenance schemes using product-trained technicians to service FLUIDYNE and other of valves and fittings.

Fluidyne Excess Flow Check Valve (MODEL : EFCV-100)

FLUIDYNE Excess Flow Check Valve also called FLUIDYNE Burst Control Valve or FLUIDYNE Hose Safety Check Valve or FLUIDYNE Velocity Check Valve. The valve has a sliding poppet within a chamber with an orifice at one end, wherein the closing flow rate settings can be adjusted. Precise adjustments can be made externally by turning an adjustment nut against a threaded screw extending at the end of the valve which causes a poppet to move within the chamber. As the poppet is urged toward the retainer by a coiled spring, the poppet is moved longitudinally within the chamber, either toward or away from the orifice. Turning the threaded nut enables to adjust the tension on the spring and therefore, the threshold flow rate of the valve could be precisely set. The valves operate by using the pressure differential across the valve to operate the poppet and spring assembly. The pressure differential is directly related to the flow of (SCFM) through the valve. When the pressure differential is within the operating limits - below the cutoff flow - of the unit, the force on the valve exerted by the spring is greater than that caused by the pressure differential the valve remains open and normal operation continues. When the pressure differential is above the cutoff limit, the force on the valve poppet exerted by the pressure differential is greater than the force exerted by the spring, and the valve closes. After the repairs to the line are made, normal operation is automatically enabled when pressure across the valve equalizes through the bleeder hole. The valve spring size can be specified by determining the air flow during normal operation and by estimating the flow if a failure or rupture occurs. FLUIDYNE Excess Flow Check Valve is used in filling lines and protects the system against excess flow rates and safely shuts off the flow due to hose bursts or excessive leakages downstream of the valve. FLUIDYNE Excess Flow check Valves are available in Standard Sandwich types suitable for mounting between a pair of flanges and also flanged screwed or butt weld connections types as per client requirements.

Size Range :
* from ¼ " (6 mm) to 16" (400mm)

Pressure Range:
* from 2 psi (0.15 bar) to 9000 psi (620 bar)

* Threaded / Screwed / Flanged , Wafer (Sandwich) , Butt & Socket Weld & Specials.

* Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel , Brass , etc.

Standard Flow Settings :

Size Cut-off Flow Rate (SCFM at 90psi)
1/4" 23-29
1-1/4" 260-290
3/8" 39-47, 300-340, 52-65, 440-500
1/2" 70-78, 570-630, 80-96
1-1/2" 300-360
3/4" 72-88, 470-530, 92-108, 640-720, 112-128, 750-830, 132-148
2" 510-590, 160-180, 725-825, 180-200, 900-1050
1" 165-195, 1100-1200, 220-260
3" 1200-1400, 280-320, 2400-2700, 310-340, 2850-3050

Fluidyne Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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