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Process Instruments

Fluidyne manufactures a comprehensive range of quality process instrument and controls that include - Level Gauges: Tubular, Reflex and Transparent; Boiler Level Gauges, Level Indicators – Side Mounted / Top Mounted and Magnetic Level Indicators; SightGlasses / Sight Flow Indicators; Rotameters, Flow Meters,OrificePlateAssembly and Flow Elements;LevelSwitchesandFlow Switches, Instrument Valves and Manifolds,, Purge Level Indicator, Knob Type Level Indicator, and more. High in performance, our range of process instruments are mainly used in the process plants and equipments, boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, tanks, pumps, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems. These process instruments have been found to be functionally superior and higher in utility and are used in various industries, such as - power plant, petro chemicals, oil, gas, edible oil, pharmaceuticals and more. 

Process Instruments

Sight Flow Glass Indicators

Available in Flanged, Screwed and Pad types. Double/Single Window Full View, Angular. Rotating wheel, Flapper and Dip tube design. S.S.C.I, C.S, Bronze, P.V.C, P.P, Lining of Rubber, Teflon, Lead, F.R.P. Plain and Reflex gauge glass. Toughened Borosilicate, Moulded, Pyrex. Rectangular, Round, Cylindrical. Peep-hole glasses with mica for high temperature. Pad mounted-Round/Rectangular.

Size NB Model 110&120 Model 130 Model 210, 220 & 230 Flanged Model 300 Model 210, 220 & 230 Screwed Model 240
15 100 200 178 50 120 50 90 25 178 50
20 100 200 178 50 120 50 90 25 178 50
25 100 200 178 50 120 50 90 125 178 50
40 100 220 178 50 130 75 120 40 200 75
50 120 240 178 50 140 100 130 50 230 100
80 150 300 230 80 175 150 160 80 260 100
100 200 360 250 100 240 200 200 100 - -
150 260 460 280 150 240 200 - - - -
200 350 500 340 200 310 200 - - - -
250 350 550 550 200 340 250 - - - -
300 400 600 660 200 390 300 - - - -


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We have pleasure in introducing our superior variable area flow meters and rotameters and industrial rotameters with special types offered for general industrial service and instrumentation requirements. Glass tube rotameters are offered where general flow measurements are within the limitations imposed by pressure rating of the glass metering tubes. For higher pressure ratings we offer metal metering rotameter tubes. Rotameters and industrial rotameters manufactured are of panel mounted types as well as pipe line mounted types. The pipeline mounted instruments are constructed to withstand pipeline installation stress, strain and vibrations. The unique gland arrangement ensures zero leakage and long life to the metering tube.

Purge Meter
(Low-Flow Rotameters)
Measure low flows of gas, air, water with accuracy using this type of flow tube. This is ideal for laboratory or instrumentation applications. Mounting can be panel or by optional tripoid base. Available in complete acrylic body or stainless steel body with glass metering tube. Dependable flow control is provided by needle valve located at inlet front of frame. Center line dimensions standard for back panel mounting are 65mm, 150mm and 200mm.
Model No Float Mat Meter Size Maximum Flow Rate PR Loss Water Kg/CM² PR Loss Air Kg/CM² Max Tube Rating Kg/Cm²
      Water LPH Air LPH Air Nm³/hr      
RM-0-A PTFE 6 5 160 0.16 0.10 0.05 15
  SS   10 300 0.30      
RM-0-B PTFE 6 10 320 0.32      
  SS   20 600 0.60      
RM-0-C PTFE 6 20 640 0.64      
  SS   40 1200 1.20      
RM-0-D PTFE 6 40 1280 1.28      
  SS   80 2400 2.40      
RM-0-E PTFE 15 80 2560 2.56 0.15 0.07 12
  SS   160 4800 4.80      
RM-0-F PTFE 15 100 3200 3.20      
  SS   200 6000 6.00      
Calibration Done for any desired flow range for any gas / liquid

Full - View Rota meters
(Glass Tube Type for General Industrial Service)
These glass tube variable area rotameters are designed to provide visual indication of flow of wide range of transparent to semi-transparent liquids and gases. They are of robust construction with dowelled side plates, interchangeable glass metering tubes and floats and wide-view windows at front and rear. Flow range can be readily changed by detachable scales.

Orifice Plate Assembly & Flow Elements

Weldneck, screwed, slip-on forged flanges. Flange taps, vent and drain. Orifice plate of SS, Monel with tag. Plat design as per B.S./A.P.I. Std. H.T. Bolts and Nuts. Jack screw provision.

FLANGE CS, SS, A-105, CL I, CL II, A I82, IS 2002.
FLANGE RATING 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#
ORIFICE TYPE a) Sharp edge-straight. b) Bevel edge. c) Concentric. d) Eccentric. e) Segmental.
DRAIN & VENT HOLES Provided on request
FLANGE TAPS Two taps at 180 degree ½ BSP/NPT/BSPT (F) 2 Nos. per flange at 15/16" from raised face. Drill size: ¼” -for under 2 ½ 3/8" for 3" & 3½ ½ for 4" &
JACK SCREWS Two dog-point bolts on one flange at 180 degrees to facilitate removal of plate.
GASKETS CAF, PTFE, Spiral-wound, Ring Joint etc.

Orifice Flange Dimensions :

Venturi Flow Elements

Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are differential pressure elements used to measure flow of gases, steam and liquids. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are used for low pressure losses at high flow rates. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes consist of a cylindrical inlet, convergent inlet cone, a cylindrical throat and divergent outlet cone. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are offered with flanged ends or butt weld ends. Designs as per ISO 5167 is offered.


Manometers, industrial manometers are used in various industrial application for pressure and vacuum measurements. Manometers and industrial manometers are also used for flow measurement techniques. They are available in wall-mounting or pedestal type and 'U' tube or single limb type. The manometers, industrial manometers may be of inclined type or provided a vernier scale for obtaining greater accuracy.

The normal accuracy of the manometer is 1 mm but by providing a inclined tube 0.1 mm or better accuracy can be obtained. A movable vernier can further provide a readability of 0.1 mm. Gradiations in inches and cms are Standard Special type of Scales can be provided to take care of specific requirements,

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Single Limb Manometers
Are provided with a well which has a much larger area to that of the manometer tube and the level variation in the well is negligible to the rise in level in the Manometer tube. The Scales of these manometers are also prepared in such a manner as to compensate the level change in the well. Multi tube manometers with individual wells are used for multiple reading of pressure and also suitable for tank level gauging with purge tube.

'U' Tube Manometer
The standard 'U' tube type manometer has two straight glass tubes with a 'U' bend at the bottom end. These . manometers are provided with top and bottom blocks and fitted with such accessories like external zero adjuster valve, safety cover, filling and drain plugs, catch pots, zero leak ball check valves, zero adjustable scale, vernier scale, leveling screws, swiveling body, etc.

1/8" / ¼" / ½"; BSP, NPT, Ferrule or hose connector.

Maximum range 0-3000mm

Check Valve and Return Wells
Check valve is used to prevent the fluid from leaving the manometer if the instrument is operated beyond the range, either due to high range or surge conditions. Return wells are used to prevent loss of the indicating fluid by collecting the over flow fluid and returning it to the Manometer.

Level Switches

Flow & Level Switches

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Plunger-Flapper-Paddle-Diaphragm Types. Magnetic Glandless Switching. Micro Switch, Mercury and Air break type. Flanged, screwed connections. For Alarms, Tank overflow and motor control. Special design to: vertical/ horizontal flow. Level switch -Nine types for every application. Internal, external, side and top mounted. Micro Switch-Mercury, air break and air Valves. Operating Alarms, Motor Control, Level Control, Snap Action contacts with NO/NC contacts. Float operated Magnetic and Glandless.



MAGTROL Level switches are suitable for filling into tanks and pressure vessels for indicating and or controlling the level under atmospheric, vacuum and pressure conditions. Magnetic switches are snap action and glandless and eliminates any chance of leakage. These are suitable for temperatures upto 400 degrees centigrade and pressure upto 40 kg per cm2 Switch is magnetically operated and is of micro, Mercury or air valve type. Material of construction is of S.S. 304, S.S. 316 or bronze. Switch housing is of cast aluminum or stainless steel flame proof / whether-proof.

Application include low / high level alarm, pump control motorized valve control; , diaphragm or piston, control valve operation.

These switches are normally mounted into the sides of tanks or pressure vessels. These level switches are of low differential and are normally used for single level control. They can be mounted externally through isolating valves for application like Boilers, Reaction - Kettles etc. Which can be isolated for re gular servicing.

Operation : The float assembly carries a permanent magnet which is opposed by a similar magnet in switch assembly. The adjacent poles of magnet repell each other through the wall of the switch housing. This principle gives snap action of the switch contacts.

The standard level switch can be modifying for providing adjustable differentials by extended float modification. The extension rod can be increased in length to 0.5 mtrs for differential upto 300 mm. Submerged models of level switches are recommended in case level switch cannot be fitted to side or top of the tank or for undergrounds tanks.

This switch is externally mounted by providing two isolating valves and the level switch can be attended to even when the tank is under pressure. This switch is ideal for installation on boilers and chambers are constructed as per Indian boiler regulation.

This is a simple model wherein the reed switch is operated directly by a magnet installed in float assembly Single N.O contacts are available. This switch is available S.S, P.P, PVC, HDPE, etc.

This is one of the most widely specified controls. This is designed for control of specific gravity 0.4. above. This level switch in its various models (MB100, 200, 300, 400) is use d at working pressure ranging from vacuum to 3000psi. This switch is externally mounted and can be piped anywhere near the tank or a distance from it. They are easy to install. High and low levels are indicated on the outside of the switch. Fine adjustments can be made by moving the switch assembly up or down on the enclosing tube assuring exact liquid level control.
Several units can also be ganged for multilevel control. Cooing fins can be provided for higher temperatures. Explosion-prof housing is provided for the switch.

Operation : The float in the chamber responds to the changing liquid level, raising or lowering the magnetic piston inside the enclosing tube. Magnetic proximity switch or mercury switch is fastened to the external of enclosing switch can be adjusted and locked at the desired actuating level. Then (depending upon the application) the magnetic piston attracts or release the switch.

MODEL MB 400 :
This model is similar to the above models except that it is used for higher differential providing two switch assemblies on the enclosing tube operated by a single float or two switch assemblies installed on the enclosing tube operated by double tandem mounted float. A single switch can be used for both high level with large differential.


This model is designed for vertical mounting at the top of the vessel. Connection is through screwed or flanged ends. And is suitable for liquids with specific gravity of 0.5 to 1.4.The switch is operated by magnetic piston which actuates the magnetic proximity switch. This switch is normally used for single level control and suitable for high immersion depths upto one mtr.

This level control switch puts the high and low-level limit control in one compact connection. This level control switch employs two switches and two float mechanisms to indicate high and low level and thereby allowing separate switch action. The tandem float assemblies are provided for independent switch actuation.

The float is guided by center tube. The float carries guide and actuates a reed switch provide d at intervals enclosed in the central tube. The float diameter is approx... 62 mm. The central guide tube diameter is 20 mm.

This top mounted level switch is operated by S.S. or porcelain displacers which are suspended by a wire rope. The displacers can be mounted on the w ire rope The displacers can be mounted on the wire rope at different intervals. The rising liquid on reaching the displacer creates an upward buoyancy force, which releases spring-loaded magnetic piston in the enclosing tube. This actuates one or more proximity switches. This is ideal for underground tanks with very high depths. One or more switch assemblies can be provided for single or multi-level control

Model Type Connection Differential Floats/Displacer Switch Float Guide
MA 100 Internal Side Low Single Mercury/Micro Air valve Not reqd
MA 200 Internal Side Low Single Road Not reqd
MA 300 External Side Low Single Mercury/Micro Air valve Provided
MA 400 Internal Side Low Single -Do- Not reqd
MB 100 External Side & Bottom Low Single Mercury/Micro Air valve Provided
MB 200 External Side Low Single -Do- Provided
MB 300 External Side flanged Low Single -Do- Provided
MB 400 External Side flanged High Single/double -Do- Provided
MC 100 Internal Top Low Single -Do- Free gravity displacer
MC 120 Internal Top High Multiple -Do- -Do-
MC 200 Internal Top High Single/double Reed Free gravity displacer
MC 300 Internal Top High Multiple Mercury/Micro Air valve Free gravity displacer

Flow Switches

FLUIDYNE MAGNETIC & BELLOWS SEALED flow switches are versatile instruments designed to handle any fluid. Standard materials of construction and glandless design offered render the switches compatible with most of the corrosive and toxic fluids. The easy-to-fix design reduces installation costs and time. Simple mechanical parts ensures high reliability and zero - failures. The microswitch of the instrument is operated by the deflection of paddle or plunge assembly due to velocity of flowing-fluid against the restraining force of the range spring through a magnetic scaled lever at a predetermined flow rate.

FLUIDYNE switch also senses flow - no flow, responding only to the velocity of fluid movement in a duct.They provide a positive signal to detect change or loss of flow velocity caused by closed damper, a loose fan wheel, a slipped or broken fan belt, a dirty or clogged filter or even an overload to fan motor. Large paddle are used for reliable velocity switching.


Line size: 15mm to 1000mm (N.B.).
Mounting: vertical or horizontal pipe.
Range: refer table for standard range.
Repeatability / Accuracy: +1-5% of Maximum flow.
Process Connection: BSP/NPT for threaded versions,
                     (1" or 1.1/4" NB) ANSI # RF for flanged versions,
                     1/2" to 12" pipe threads for integral,
                     tee versions, special Sizes as per customer request.
Maximum Line Pressure: 10 bar for brass body.
                     30 bar for SS BODY ( higher rating available on request upto 300 bar
                     1 bar for duct mount version.
Maximum Process Temperature: 170 Deg.0 for brass body.
                     200 Deg.0 for SS body.
Pressure Loss: 60 to 80 m bar at maximum flow.
Mounting: vertical or horizontal pipe.
Switching: snap acting SPCO, (SPDT), DPDT
                     microswitch rated 5A, 230V AC or 10A, 230V AC.
Dead Band: 5 to 10% of maximum flow ( 10% at min. set valve
                     & 5% at max set valve ).
Enclosures: pressure die cast aluminium weather proof to I.P. :65 &
                     flame proof to Gr. 11 A & 118 of IS : 2148: 1981, on request.

Fluidyne Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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